Kiss me


Kiss me with your eyes. Bite your lip,

Close your eyes and kiss me

Softly, gently, sweetly, with a smile.

There’s nowhere I’d rather be.

Now, pull me close. I feel your heartbeat.

Trace lips down my neck, murmur soft against my skin

Breath hot on my collarbone, hands warm on my waist

Where are we? It doesn’t matter. We are here and now.

Pressed against the wall, bathed in light, shrouded by dark

Kiss my body with yours,

Surround me.

Hips dance slow with feeling

Tongues tease back and forth

Just this

Trembling, heating, melting and

Blooming at your touch. Let me stroke you,

Nip your skin, hear you sigh

Let us sway and flow together. We know where we’re going

But enjoy the journey, your scent, your skin, goosebumps

I will map you with my hands.

Your kiss is everything.

Show me your promise of love, and then

Kiss me again

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