creative writing

The aftermath


His eyes held the depths of the ocean and the sweep of a midnight sky. His skin invited a light touch, asking to be held. He looked around and saw everything within his orbit; his wide-eyed gaze slid over me and away. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. I could not quite believe his presence here after all I had been through. Thoughts of him had stayed with me through sun and rain, through restless days and endless nights. The idea of our future together was a precious secret.

I waited.

The past consoled me with tendrils of past pleasures, when it was my skin that yielded to gentle caresses, my blood that heated and burned to my core. In the dark I hid and was revealed petal by petal. In the light of day, my secret was my strength, and my future gave the present meaning. And I waited until the time came to go into battle. While I fought successive waves my eyes were fixed on a singular goal, and I inched towards victory. After all the blood and pain he has came to me; my man, my love. We lay beside each other, quiet at last, and only peace remained.

In the aftermath of the storm, I greeted my son.

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