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I finished it. Cue balloons and confetti!

I finished the line-by-line edit of my primary WIP. I reached The end, and I shall enjoy my reward shortly – lemon cake, since you asked.This is how it went and what I learned.

I expected to do this in small bursts, having made a small start before. In fact, I started (in earnest) one Friday evening and kept going all weekend, whenever I was free. On Saturday, I probably spent eight hours, all told. Now, it is finished and I feel good about that. The ache in my shoulders and dryness of my eyes is worth it, because this is the polished product. As anyone who has completed a long project knows,  the last push often feels the hardest, as you zoom in on the tiniest imperfection, buffing to a high shine.

I have utmost respect for my editor, who added and removed commas and full stops and “he said” to tighten my prose. I’ve learned about formatting, as she explained why she made changes in her accompanying document. This kind of detailed work is beyond most of us. She has given me some feedback on how the story flows, pointing out what is obvious to me, the author, but unclear to a reader. After all, I can see the whole thing in my head.

I did not give her a raw document. I had gone over my WIP for story and pacing, for spelling and grammar, for passive voice. I had looked at it so long that I could no longer see clearly. There were still many, many changes to make. I made them gladly. Now, I can let it go, knowing it is as ready as it can be, thanks to Morgen Bailey.

I am ready to send my creation out into the world, though I’m not sure yet what form that will take. No doubt this will be another tough learning process. Also, I have a new baby WIP to nurture. But for now, I will eat lemon cake, drink tea, and enjoy that feeling of satisfaction. I earned it.

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