Show me your teeth


Ah, your smile. It dazzled me then, and it still does. It lit up your face and bathed me in sunbeams. We talked and laughed together over many things. I felt lucky to know you, to spend time in your presence.

You were always bright and optimistic. We made our plans and set our goal and everything looked to be working out well. Your confidence was undeniably attractive and the journey felt good at first. Until I asked you a question; could we be sure this was still the right way? You kept swimming and waited for me to follow. I slowed down and asked again; shouldn’t we check the map?

Your smile widened. ‘I’m certain this is the right way,’ you said, ‘just like we agreed, and our destination awaits so let’s go!’

‘I have doubts,’ I said. ‘Let’s talk them through.’

You were right in front of me, blocking my way. Your smile was bigger still. ‘We have to go. Or shall I leave you here, alone in the wide blue ocean? You wouldn’t want that.’

‘We may need to change our plans,’ I said, ‘and I am staying here until we figure it out.’

At this you swished your tail irritably. Cold waves splashed me and I stared at your smile, close enough to see the threat within; pearly white and razor sharp. I looked into your hard eyes and saw myself reflected there in black and white, and I remembered.

‘This is my ocean too,’ I said. ‘The orca need not fear the shark.’

And I smiled.

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