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HE Bates short story win!


I won first prize in the HE Bates national short story competition!

I’m still in a state of shock. When the competition organisers emailed to ask if I would read my story, I had no idea this was to be the outcome. And I’ve waited for a success for a while. I even blogged about how elements of this story felt perhaps too personal to share with the world. But, it seems that the personal touches are what spoke to people. One or two came up after my reading to tell me how moved they were.

So I’m enjoying the warm glow of validation and success, and planning how to spend the prize money (£500, since you ask). I plan to buy a lasting memento of my first competition win. And I’m going to pop some bubbly and celebrate this, because as I’ve said before it’s important to celebrate even the small wins. Today I have a big win, for which I thank organiser Nick Hamlyn and head judge Maggie Allen, and the Northampton Writers Group.

The story will be featured on NWG website and here on my blog.

What next?

More writing, of course. You have to treat the twin impostors success and failure just the same (even though they really aren’t). Acknowledge or celebrate, and always keep moving. The next goal is up ahead, and I will keep writing, submitting, and dreaming.

Never, never, never give up.

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