Time To Spring Forward

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since I posted anything new here. If you need to unsubscribe, I’m sorry to see you go and wish you the best. If you’re still with me, more is coming.

I don’t know about you, but quarantine killed the last vestiges of my creativity. When you’re struggling with life’s challenges amid a deadly pandemic, it’s hard to find the will to do more than survive. We are separated from each other and we have to bear our losses without the simple comfort of physical contact.

But seasons turn, and eventually we come to a place we can start again. And the spring equinox feels like a good place to turn towards growth.

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In the future you can expect regular posts on living life creatively, writing advice, and occasional original fiction or poetry. You’ll also find my work on Medium.

Here’s to better days and getting what we need.


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3 thoughts on “Time To Spring Forward”

  1. I understand the creative void that resulted from quarantine. One might think that there would be “more time for writing” but that’s not how it necessarily worked out. I had to take a break for a while but even now it is difficult to return to what was “before.” I’m still on your email list and pleased to see you back.

    1. We’re on the same page here and I hope that like me you’re finding your way back. Thanks for sticking around, I truly appreciate your time

      1. You’re most welcome. I am trying to find my way back. Some days more successful than others, but I try to be easy on myself about it. And “keep the faith” as the saying goes.

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