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A little something is better than a big nothing

Pete Linforth via pixabay

It’s been one of those crazy, swamped, 12-hour day weeks at work. And so I have not been able to write the blog post I planned. It’s tempting to give up and say it’s too late, it doesn’t matter, I’ll leave it. But we all know that it’s very hard to revive a habit once it is abandoned, even for a short while. I learned to let go of perfection long ago, and embrace ‘good enough’. And I believe in finishing my stuff.

Here’s the thing; a small piece is better than no piece.

In this spirit, I offer you two small pieces of Twitter poetry, written in response to the #BeautifulMess prompts “in the fade” and “lost stars”. Each poem, plus the hashtags, must fit the 140 character limit.
Thanks to @_BeautifulMes_  for the inspiration.

pixelheart via pixabay

in the fade

when our light is dying
there, in the fade, we will know
how bright our colours truly were
how much we have lost


geralt via pixabay

lost stars

before this world consumes my soul, I’ll flee
beyond lost stars and forgotten galaxies;
I beg you, do not search for me.