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Spark your positivity


It’s time to sparkle and shine

We get ground down by life, events outside our control, drudgery and rejection. We lose our shine and forget why we’re doing what we’re doing. Our enthusiasm fizzles and dies.

But what is better than enthusiasm?

It arises from passion, from creativity, from hope. It’s bright eyes, talking fast, hands tracing out ideas that tumble from us unchecked, until we’re breathless and laughing and shaking our heads and saying ‘you probably think I’m crazy’.

It’s a bit like being in love.

I admit, it can be hard to understand another person’s obsession, whether it is model cars or snowboarding or antique hunting. Or writing, come to that. But we need to listen and in turn be heard. We need to let passion flow through our veins, because without it life is dull indeed.

When someone (finally!) asks how the project is going, do we shake our heads, talk about the blocks, the fears, and look downcast? Or do we reconnect with the spark and talk about the progress, the high points, the fact that we are further on, even if that has meant several detours?

Write that log-line. Polish up a sentence or two that captures what excites you about your creative project. Remember that we all love different things, and don’t forget to listen in turn. We can give each other the gift of attention, and we can choose to be positive and light.

We are drawn to positivity like moths to a flame, but remember that we all have our own inner fire. Even if it has dwindled to a mere pilot light, it can be rekindled.

Remind yourself what fun feels like.

Try drawing, painting, sculpting, photography, with no end except enjoyment. Try a new recipe, get lost in a new town, look around a gallery or a garden. New ideas are the oxygen on which the inner flame feeds. Turn your back on your chosen form for a moment, dabble in something else and come back to your project renewed.

Be warm, dynamic, committed, lively.

Show your spark to the world. It might just light a fire.

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